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BarcodeAmerica supplies thermal ribbons for a vast array of printers. Simply select the manufacturer of your printer to see compatible ribbons available. If you don't see the manufacturer of your machine on our site then give our sales team a call on 888 222 0354

The graphic below shows the process of selecting the proper ribbon

As a general rule of thumb there are two factors to consider when selecting the most appropriate ribbon type.


Wax Ribbon = Medium Quality

Wax Resin Ribbon = High Quality

Resin Ribbon = Highest Quality


Wax Ribbon = General labels

Wax Resin Ribbon = Semi-gloss and varnished labels

Resin Ribbon = High gloss and varnished labels


The width of the ribbon should be determined by the width of the label being printed in your printer. Width is usually measured in millimetres (mm).

The length of the ribbon is determined by the printer manufacturer. For example, a Sato CL408e printer takes a maximum ribbon length of 1476 feet, therefore customers should opt for 1476 foot length ribbons.

Generally, it is beneficial to select the longest ribbon length possible for a printer as this helps to reduce machine downtime and improves efficiency.